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Communications partner connected through marketing, technology and digital businesses

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The shape and nature of communications is changing as fast as the world around us, and never more so than as we emerge from the pandemic – a period that brought about as much positive change for some firms as it has disruption to others.

As our clients’ needs have changed so have we, and in April 2021 we reshaped our  businesses and how we operate together.  Our reinvention (read more about this here) segmented our business offerings into Think Studio, Think Digital and Think Connect.

These are all now under one banner, Think, an interconnected communications company, with a unifying purpose of Creating Better Business.

By being a communications partner for our clients, we see creating better business as being what binds us and also sets us apart.  There is a duality to this ethos:

Firstly, as the single-minded focus each of our businesses, as we look to deliver the short-term business priorities of our client partners, whilst always working towards their long-term brand building.

Secondly, it represents the unswerving determination of our people. A desire to make anything possible has for some time become embedded in our culture.  That ability to think differently, even if challenging conventional views, about what is and what isn’t possible, helps us in creating better business for our client partners, and for ourselves. This is what drives us.

Part of our transformation is the launch of Think Digital.  What was our development business sitting within Think Studio, has emerged as a strong and independent component to our business, and now has its own identity as well as expanding development and management team.

Also as part of our reinvention, Think Systems has been rebranded as Think Connect, reflecting the significant growth in providing connected technologies, from managed IT services to data products.  It also manages CloudSpace, the group’s retail hosting arm and which supports client partners from over 50 countries.

Underpinning the Think business, and perhaps our major differentiator, is our enterprise network and hosting infrastructure, The Think Cloud.  From our early days of offering hosting to a portion of our client partners, this has now developed into our own proprietary data network, and one which offers great benefits to client partners across our business. The Think Cloud now spans 3 data centres across the South East of England, including Slough, London Docklands and Maidstone.

As one forward thinking communications company, connected through these marketing, technology, and digital businesses, we can support our client partners in ways others cannot.

We are immensely excited how this unique connectivity is creating better business and bridging strategic gaps for our client partners, all supported by expertise, experience, and the infrastructure to support scaling enterprises and brands. Those strengths combined, enable complementary services to be seamlessly called upon and collaboratively applied, enabling us to create value for our client partners.

We are greater than our parts.

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Connected Technologies

Systems Development

/ Creating a Communications Company

What began as a regional digital business in 2006 has burgeoned into a single vision communications company with a big ambition.

Like so many technology centred businesses our journey began as a fledgling start-up. Founded by Alex Ridings and Cameron Jennings, the origins of Think started at a time when digital communications were just emerging, and when there was only an inkling about the possibilities of what digital could provide.

Much has changed in scope and ambition, but the same drive and ambition to help our clients and customers solve often complex challenges still exists.

Today, Think is a communications company connected through our integrated marketing, technology businesses – Think Studio, Think Digital and Think Connect – and these sit alongside wider business investments, including CloudSpace, an international hosting brand, and Place, a place marketing platform.

Today, those businesses meet the media, marketing and technology needs of a diverse customer base from over 50 countries – from helping emerging brands to empowering expert developers and supporting impressive corporates.

As our company and lives have matured our perspective has changed, and today, as Think, we live by a richer mission, to think differently to transform businesses and make them better, always working to leave a positive impact for people, communities and the world around us.

Whilst scores of existing clients are already benefitting from our interconnected services, both on and off-line, by now unifying and enhancing our operational business development, marketing and connectivity functions under Think, we can deliver further capability, products and services to our valuable network of clients – indeed so they can themselves better communicate with and grow their networks and valuable customer bases and become better businesses.

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